GYOFOOD will help a family self-sustain by growing and consuming their own food. The vegetables will be grown organically in a polyhouse built by GYOFOOD, using technology developed in collaboration with the Hitech Research and training institute of Kerala Agricultural University.

Start with a one day training that will be handled by the Agricultural department (Hitech Farming). The training will cover the step by step process followed by GYOFOOD in setting up the

Smart Kitchen garden

What food is good for you

Why should I grow my food

How can
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What all do we provide

What food is good for you:

“Eat your food as a Medicine. Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food” –
Ratan Tata
A nationwide study in the year 2015-16 carried out by the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau (NNMB) to assess urban nutrition show not only a great diversity in the food consumption in 16 states in the country but Indians consume far less than the quantum of several micro-nutrients and vital vitamins.

What all do we provide to youas part of Smart Kitchen garden.

About Smart Kitchen Garden

To help every house grow their own food with minimum external support after a period of one year. Also teach you to grow the food you need 365 days in a year. A team from GYOFOOD will inspect your site to check the feasibility to setup a Smart Kitchen garden in your house.


We will train you setup and maintain your own smart kitchen garden.(SKG)

We will setup the Smart kitchen garden for you in your backyard or on your roof top.

We will train you and handhold you for a period of 1 year after setting up the SKG.

Our team will be in touch with you online to assist you in maintaining and learning how to grow your food.

We will periodically arrange training to you so that you are updated on the latest developments.

Using the APP the household can raise a ticket for any issue does not have a solution in the knowledge base. Also if the issue is not solved within the specified time then the household can call the support desk number which will be active 24/7

Our Team

GYOF Was started in 2016 by KV Daniel. It began as a personal project but grew to something much bigger, and better. Read the story here

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What are the deliverables of aSMART Kitchen Garden

Gyofood Mobile App

GYOFOOD will provide all the plant-growing media along with the seedlings. We will also help you set up a drip irrigation and fertigation system which will take care of watering and fertilisation automatically at specific intervals. The fertigation system will also take care of periodic spraying of organic pest prevention sprays.

Why should I grow my food.

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You can only believe your eyes.

To eat the most healthy food.
Working together with family to grow your food will drastically improve the relationship between the family members. Fill up details on how olden days families had better bonding.
Provides and environment to relax for the hardworking parents.
Kids develop an interest in farming.
Unemployed people sitting home gets so work to be done.
Old people who are lonely have some work to be done.