Professor, Kerala Agriculture University, Thrissur

Proven Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

Talk On: Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) and best practices for growing food in your backyard.

  1. How GAP helps promote sustainable agriculture and contributes to meeting national and international environment and social development objectives.
  2. Monitoring of GAP helps improve the safety and quality of food and other agricultural products.
  3. Compliance to national and international regulations, standards and guidelines regarding use of permitted pesticides, maximum levels of contaminants (including pesticides, veterinary drugs and mycotoxins) as well as other chemical, microbiological and physical contamination hazards.
  4. Integrated crop management (ICM)is a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture. It considers the situation across the whole farm, including socio-economic and environmental factors, to deliver the most suitable and safe approach for long-term benefit. This means carefully considering site selection, soil management, seed & planting material, crop rotation, crop nutrition, pest management, water management and landscape management that fit the local conditions and climate. It is a dynamic system that adapts to changing conditions by combining local knowledge with new research and technologies.